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“Poladis sakhli” – one of the leading companies in the construction industry has been successfully positioned among the distributors of metal products for more than 20 years.

To date, the company’s main activities include the local production of construction materials and the import of metal products. The company cooperates with leading manufacturers in Europe and Asia allowing for a wide range of materials and a high-quality index, which fully complies with international standards in the field of construction.

Completed Projects

Construction of Rikoti Pass section

Construction of Rikoti Pass section

The construction of the Rikoti Pass section is underway with…

Multifunctional complex – “MOEDANI”

Multifunctional complex – “MOEDANI”

The construction of a multifunctional project in Avlabari is underway…

Gudiashvili Square

Gudiashvili Square

Rehabilitation of Gudiashvili Square and nearby streets within the framework…



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